Amir R. Clemons ~ Age 10

Amir R. Clemons

BIRTH: February 3, 1999

DEATH: March 16, 2009


Gerard Clemons, Jr. ~ Age 7

Gerard Clemons, Jr.

BIRTH: January 6, 2002

DEATH: March 16, 2009


Amir, 10, and Gerard, 7, were killed while spending the night at their aunts house during Spring Break. Along with Amir and Gerard, their aunt, Precious Tripplett, and her boyfriend, Andre Jones, were also murdered.

The bodies of the 4 victims were found by, Ger­ard Clemons Sr., the father of Amir and Gerard when he hadn’t heard from his sons. When he got the apartment he walked into a nightmare. He found an 14 month old baby boy crying and covered in blood. The 14 month old was the son of Precious and the accused killer. Davon Anderson, 14 months, was unharmed.

The first thing Gerard Sr. saw was Andre, the boyfriend, laying in the kitchen in a pool of blood, as he kept going looking for his sons he found them in the back bedroom along with their aunt dead.

Gevante D. Anderson, broke into the apartment to attack Precious Triplett, and then shot three of the victims and stabbed one of the boys to death.

An Autopsy later showed that Gerard was stabbed a total of 131 times, including defensive wounds. Gevante said that Gerard came out of hiding just as he was getting ready to leave and he stabbed him to death. He also stated that “He just wouldn’t die“.

Amir had been shot and stabbed more than 40 times.

The murders were committed because of Gevante’s jealousy over another man taking his 14 month old son, Davon, to get a hair cut. He was so upset over this that he went to the apartment and killed 4 people in a violent and bloody crime spree. Then he left his baby in the house with the bodies and left the scene.

Gevante D. Anderson was charged with 4 counts of first degree murder and found guilty. He was sentenced to 4 life sentences with any chance of parole.


Ex-Boyfriend Charged In Raytown Slayings

Father Recalls Horrifying Discovery at Murder Scene

DNA and cell phone experts testify in Raytown quadruple murder trial

Cousin Hints At Possible Motive In Raytown Slayings

Gevante Anderson guilty in Raytown quadruple homicide

Four life sentences, no chance of parole, dropped on Gevante Anderson




One thought on “AMIR R. and GERARD CLEMONS, JR.

  1. This story really made me sad:( its a shame to know that people are capable of things like this……

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