BIRTH: April 5, 1993

DEATH: November 12, 2008

Amanda Grace Collette ~ Age 15

Amanda, 15, was shot and killed in her high school by another 15 year-old student that had been her friend since childhood.

Amanda was shot in the torso by a girl she has stopped talking to in the weeks before the murder. The shooter had made sexual adavances towards Amanda and she rejected them and stopped talking to the girl that would eventually take her life.

After the shooting the ex-friend left the school and called 911 from a nearby restaurant and told authorities she had shot Amanda. When police arrived at the school it wasn’t known what killed Amanda as she didn’t show any signs of being shot. It wasn’t until her autopsy that it was brought out that she had been shot once in the chest.

Teah Wimberly was charged with first-degree murder and discharging a weapon on school property. She was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 25 years in prison.


Fla. Girl Shot Peer in Crowded School Hall

Teenager Murders Classmate Who Wouldn’t Date Her

Teah Wimberly Shoot Amanda Collette Because of a Spurned Romantic Advance

Teen Gets 25 Years in Prison for Killing Classmate

Broward School District to pay $525,000 to Family of Girl Killed at Dillard High

Amanda Grace Collette Foundation



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