BIRTH: June 29, 1992

DEATH: July 17, 2008

Leslie R. Collier ~ Age 16

Leslie, 16, was beat and stabbed to death in his home along with his brother, Dustin Hintz, 22, and family friend Justin Berrios, 20. Justin was the father of Leslie and Dustin’s nephew.

There has never been a clear motive to the murders other than the murderer was upset because he felt his girlfriend had cheated on him. They had broken up but he was allowed to continue to live in the home with the family. His ex-girlfriend, Samantha Hintz, 19, was the sister of Leslie and Dustin. She was the mother of Justin’s child.

Four other people were found bound, but uninjured. They were: Berrios’ 2-year-old son, Tristan Hintz-Berrios; Samantha Hintz, 19, the child’s mother; Matthew Collier, 21; and Cynthia Collier, 43, who is the mother of Dustin, Samantha Hintz, Leslie, and Matthew Collier.

Using carpentry hammers and knives, Randal Rushing beat and stabbed the three victims to death while the other family members were tied up and subjected to hearing the murders take place.

After the murders Randal Rushing took video game consoles, video games, jewelry and several debit cards. He was arrested in Wilkes-Barre hours after the murders.

Randal Rushing was charged with 3 counts of first degree murder. He tried to use the insanity defense but it didn’t work. He was found guilty of all three murders and sentenced to 3 life sentences. He was also found guilty of numerous other crimes and sentenced to an additional 43 years and nine months to 87 years and six months on top of that for related crimes.

He was found guilty on all counts – guilty of first-, second- and third-degree murder, guilty of kidnapping for holding his ex-girlfriend, Samantha Hintz, a physically disabled Matthew Collier and Cynthia Collier, the mother of the Collier boys, in the home against their will and guilty of robbing all three. He was found guilty of indecent assault for fondling Samantha Hintz with a mocking regret at what he had lost when they split.


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Leslie R. Collier Obituary





2 thoughts on “LESLIE R. COLLIER

  1. i cant believe its been 4 years leslie! its still hard to accept the fact youre gone. i love ya and miss ya kid! rest easy man! ❤

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