Mason Walker Jones ~ Age 16 & Joshua Gunther Compton ~ Age 17


Joshua Gunther Compton

BIRTH: April 24, 1991

DEATH: April 15, 2009


Mason Walker Jones

BIRTH: July 14, 1992

DEATH: April 25, 2009


Josh, 17, and Mason, 16, were shot and killed in the doorway of Joshua’s home. Josh’s mother, Diane Compton, witnessed the shooting of her son and his best friend. Mason was spending the night in the home. It was supposed to be a “guys night,” filled with pizza and video games as they were on Spring break.

Josh had just gotten home from appendectomy surgery the day before and his friends had been pouring in that night visiting. Mason and Josh were upstairs in Josh’s room playing video games. Diane, Josh’s mother, opened the door and told Mason he had company. Mason went downstairs and not long afterward, Josh made his way downstairs to join Mason a little after midnight.

He and Mason stood at the foot of the staircase talking to the men, who held the screen door open. By then, Diane had gone back into the living room and partially shut the door that leads into that room. All she heard were voices. She couldn’t make out the conversation no one ever raised his voice. She finally told Josh it was getting cold and it was time for bed.

Then, an explosion of bullets.

Josh tried to run into the living room and shut the door behind him, but the killer followed. Josh collapsed behind the door, and the killer shot him a final time in the head.

Josh was shot four times in the chest, stomach, back and in the back of the head. His mother tried desperately to save his life by giving him mouth to mouth before paramedics arrived.

Only feet away from Josh, in the entryway of the Comptons’ house, his best friend, Mason lay dead.

Before the killer left, he stared at Josh’s mother.

She described him as a stocky black man with squinted eyes, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, with a wide face wearing a white cap or bandana and what looked like a dark-blue feather down coat.

Josh and Mason’s murder remains unsolved.

Anyone with information they believe could help police solve this case is asked to call Crime Line 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.


2 teen boys killed, family speaks out

Shots kill two friends, shake neighborhood in Chesapeake

No arrest, no peace for families of 2 slain teens

Friends’ families tormented by unsolved murders

2 years later, no justice for slain Chesapeake teens




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