BIRTH: August 8, 1976

DEATH: September 4, 1990

Jamie Alayne Cooksey ~ Age 14

Jamie, 14, was sexually assaulted and strangled to death by a released sexual offender on her way to her friends house to go to school.

Jamie normally rode the school bus to school, but had decided to ride her bicycle to her friends house before school that morning and they would walk the short distance to school together. After school, the girls were going to do some homework and hopefully go see a football game that evening.  Jamie gave her kisses good-bye to family and she took off for school on her bike. This was the last time she would be seen alive.

Jamie’s mother received a phone call at work from the school telling her that Jamie didn’t show up for her morning classes. Jamie’s mother found this disturbing as she knew Jamie loved to go to school and would never skip her classes. She contacted the friend that Jamie was supposed to see and found out she never made it to her house that morning.

Linda Cooksey, Jamie’s mother, contacted the police department and were told they didn’t have time or manpower to search for every child that didn’t show up for school. She and her husband took off from work to search for Jamie. They retraced her path and Jamie’s father found her bike and book bag filled with all her books hidden in the weeds.

The took the bike home and called the police again. Jim Cooksey, Jamie’s father, decided to run back to the park where he found Jamie’s bike to look for Jamie.

He did. About 200 feet from where he found her bike and book bag he found Jamie’s body. When police finally arrived, her father was immediately taken to the police department for questioning but was released hours later.

One month later a sexual predator confessed to Jamie’s rape and murder. Richard Alan Moorman was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole.






  1. Hi, my name is Jeannie James and Jamie was my friend long ago. I am 36 years old now and I live in Reno, NV and own my own home and business. Jamie was supposed to spend the night at my house the day they found her. I pray that her family got through the pain of her death. Miss and love you Jamie God Bless you.

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