BIRTH: February 7, 1993

DEATH: February 10, 2010

Makia Ann Coney ~ Age 17

Makia, 17, was shot once in the back of the head and once in the face, at point blank range, for nothing other than the two killers wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone.

The pair had hatched their plot while sitting in a geometry class at their school. As they left class they bumped into Makia and persuaded her to join them as they walked into some woods near their Christian school.

After their arrest the teens said they had been planning to commit armed robberies and wanted to know what it would be like to have to shoot someone. They said they had chosen Makia as their victim as she had trusted them and went willingly when they left school.

Charles Roy Southern, 17, and Connor Julian Pridgen, 16, voluntarily went to police and said they shot Coney in the head. They were charged with first degree murder and sentenced to 40 years to life for the murder of Makia. They have to serve at least 40 years before they can apply for parole.


Jacksonville police confirm remains of University Christian student

University Christian School Confirms Death of Student, Homicide Probe Continues

University Christian classmates admit to killing Makia Coney

Two of Makia Coney’s schoolmates charged in her slaying; dozens attend vigil

Jailed for 40 years, the two teenage boys who executed a ‘trusting’ classmate



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