BIRTH: April 4, 1990

DEATH: October 24, 2007

Daniela Coronado ~ Age 17

Daniela, 17, was murdered in her bed by her ex-boyfriend.

Pedro Blancas is accused of strangling to death of Daniela Coronado, his girlfriend and the mother of his son, who was 11 months old when she died. He immediately fled to Mexico, and her family members have been frustrated in their quest for justice for her.

Police said he choked her with an electrical cord once before, and she left him but allowed him to return to see his child. A friend found her dead in her bed with a cord around her neck. The friend had called the evening before and Pedro Blancas told her that Daniela was in the shower, according to police reports. She never heard from Daniela and came to the apartment the next day to check on her.

Police found the baby with Pedro Blancas’ mother, who said he dropped the child off the night before and she did not know his whereabouts.

In April 2010, Coronado’s family heard Pedro Blancas’ name read in church on a list of the dead. His family told friends that he had committed suicide in Mexico but her loved ones said they didn’t believe that.

“In Mexico, you can pay money and get anything you want,” Brenda Coronado, the victim’s sister, said in an interview at that time. “They are pretending he is dead.”

Police asked for help from federal marshals based in Mexico, but learned nothing new for months.

He said that the victim’s family now is convinced that Pedro Blancas is dead.

Police received the record and photographs recently via fax. The death record states that the victim was asphyxiated. A large tattoo of a marijuana leaf appears to be the same as the one on Blancas’ arm. The swollen face of the dead man resembles Pedro Blancas, police acknowledges, but there are differences that bother them.

They bother him enough to keep the case open and the murder book close by, just in case.

“The family is OK that he is dead,” police said. “This is probably as good as I’ll ever get that he is dead but somehow, I’m just not convinced.”

Pedro Perez Blancas, 20, is wanted for murder in connection with the strangulation of Daniela Coronado, 17, on Oct. 24. He also goes by Pedro Blancas Jr. and Pedro Blancas Perez. He is 5 feet, 6 inches tall with black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information about the crime or Blancas’ whereabouts should call Denton police or call Denton County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-388-TIPS (8477). Crime Stoppers will pay up to $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. Tipsters will remain anonymous.


City puts its most wanted on Web

Murder suspect’s fate subject of debate

Murder case to remain active



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