BIRTH: April 1, 1992

DEATH: February 9, 2010

Mackenzie Nicole Cowell ~ Age 17

Mackenzie, 17, disappeared after leaving school and 4 days later her body was found on the banks of a river.

Mackenzie was last seen leaving a beauty school class. Her locked car was found that night about 40 miles from her home. Her purse and some clothes were found in the car, but her debit card was missing. A single set of footprints were found outside the car.

4 days later her beaten and stabbed body was found on the banks of a river. She had been beaten about the head, stabbed in the neck and strangled to death.

Christopher Scott Wilson was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. He tried to amputate her arms after he killed her.  He killed Mackenzie because he had a fascination with violent death.

Tessa Marie Schuyleman was arrested on suspicion of first-degree rendering criminal assistance and obstructing a public officer. The charges sought by police do not claim Schuyleman was an accomplice in Mackenzie’s murder. Rather, investigators believe she impeded their probe after the fact.

Schuyleman at first told police she had “no recollection of the events surrounding Cowell’s disappearance and murder, and no information regarding Wilson’s involvement” in the death, the news release said.

But investigators later found pictures and videos from Wilson’s computer and Schuyleman’s cell phone that seemed to suggest she’d lied, including a video from her phone that depicted her “entering Wilson’s apartment, moving aside a coffee table in the living room, and focusing the camera on the clearly visible stain lab tests later determined was the dried blood of Mackenzie Cowell.”

Another video recorded depicts Wilson “asking Schuyleman if the apartment is clean. Schuyleman replies, ‘Considering what happen…ing?’ At the end of the video, Schuyleman focuses the camera on the location of the rug where the blood stain was later found by investigators. The stain was only slightly discernable indicating it had been cleaned since the first video (four) days prior.”

Images from Wilson’s computer showed Schuyleman posed on the floor of the apartment as if dead, lying in the same location where the blood stain was found.

The trial of  Christopher Scott Wilson is scheduled for May 22, 2012


Investigation continues in mysterious disappearance of 17-year old Mackenzie Cowell

Police believe body found is missing Wenatchee teen

Girl’s body found positively identified as Mackenzie Nicole Cowell

Homicide victim was not sexually assaulted

Teen was stabbed, strangled

Arrest made in Cowell murder

Court documents shed light on case

Charges still to come for woman implicated in Cowell case



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