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If, at anytime, I make a mistake, have information wrong, or anything the family or friends wants added, please feel free to contact me so I can do the necessary adjustments.


I will do everything in my power to correct, add to the post, or even remove the listing if the family request me to do so. However, in the event of removal I will need verification that the child you’re requesting to be removed is in fact your family member.


I have been contacted before by the family of the offender asking for me to remove a listing because it was harmful to their existence. I WILL NOT, AT ANY TIME, REMOVE A LISTING FOR THE SAKE OF THE MURDERER! You committed murder on the most innocent of human beings and if you are exposed on websites, that’s your problem and you gave the right for privacy up the day you took a child’s life. DO NOT CONTACT ME FOR THAT REASON.


I can be reached at anytime at this email address:


16 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Emmalee, I’m the Mother of Brianna Caddell, Pamela Martin and I just want to say Thank You for Remembering my daughter. When I saw your site I was amazed that after almost 10 years my daughter is still being remembered by a perfect stranger. I just want to say Thank You and May God Bless You!

  2. Emmalee,
    Nancy Spaulding (Chesebro) here … thanks for the lovely page on my sister Sally Chesebro. You brought tears to my eyes (good tears). Please feel free to contact me, 989 217 0572 … yes I know this is a public board and that is fine for I do not mind getting calls. If I don’t answer please leave a message. Also here is my business email;

    Divine Blessings,
    Nancy Marie Cherbeyla-Spaulding (Chesebro)

    • This coming from Nancy’s daughter, Melody, on a side note, the email and phone provided is no longer used. But you can find my mother on facebook by typing in her full name as shown above.

  3. Hi Emmalee:

    Can you please put “Devin Parsons” from Greensburg Indiana on your website? His mother is getting ready to go on trial soon, and the world should know what she has done to her little boy. Thank you.

  4. Hi Emmalee,
    Could you please add Christian Choate, a 13 year old boy kept in a dog cage until he died to your website? He also is from Indiana and his father and step mother are in the process of going to trail. It just makes me sick. And people seemed to know about him….he told a doctor he was caged at night, and child protective services came, but didn’t go into the house…..Thank you.

    • Yes I will be more than happy to do that for you. Give me a little while to work on the page and it will posted within a couple of days. I’m so sorry to hear about Christian and I will make sure everyone knows this little boys story. Thank you for bringing him to my attention.

      • Emmalee, I am an Advocate for Christian Choate and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, with deep sadness also. Riley Choate was sentenced to 80 years for his crimes none of which involved murder or anything of the sort. Kimberly Kubina got a measely 35 years for her part. Also, being that I am an advocate against child abuse, I have several children for you to research and add possibly. they are: Peter Connelly (Baby P), James Bulger (killed by 2 10 year old boys in the UK), Sylvia Marie Likens, Lily Lynette Farneaux- Wolfenbarger, Iradessa Vazquez (my ten year old sons cousin), and Marie Pierre (recently died 0n June 22 in Muncie, Indiana). I hope that you contiue to follow through with your blog and if you need any help gathering information just email me at I am here if you need my assistance. God Bless You and our forever sleeping Angels!

  5. Thank you for the work you do to remember all the beautiful children who’s lives were taken who will never be here to fulfill their dreams .My dear Bobby Beaty my loving ,caring ,kind grandson and his mom taken from us ,the most difficult journey we are on living without them . May you be blessed.

  6. Thank you for posting this. My heart is breaking as I read this, but we need to know about he scumbags in this world that have no respect for life.

  7. hi.. Sweet messenger of God
    I am Lou’s best friend and Matt’s Godfather and they’re 2gether. The time will come soon when everyone ! will know just how their story fits our story and myself will be the messenger, with Christ’s anointing and power. +U+ will see and my hope is all hear, so all can C…. peace, love- Dove.. Hoot – keep up EL good fight…

  8. Hi …at “SouthSide ChicagoAnti-Racist Action Network are several posts about a William Nelson and Heather Marie Pittman…um …Heather IS a Prostitute and a Heroin Addict and a Racist and she had been running around Chi’s Western Suburbs telling anyone who will listen that “Bill Nelson is her babies Daddy”,well…this infant girl is 1/2 black and born to a heroin addicted ,methadone using Mommy { as well as many other drugs:( }, and I see ALL the poor kids who have died and I do not think this baby is loved or wanted so I pass this info on to any who may be interested enough to do something about it…??? Nelson is “Off-Grid” and Heathers contact info is available for anyone wishing to pursue this, at South Side Chicagos ARA, so I HOPE & PRAY this fatherless baby IS receiving all the LOVE & CARE she needs….Consider she was born with a “monkey on her back”……..NEEDING to be detoxed at birth.

  9. Wondering about your opinion on the murders of Devon & Damon Routier by their “mother” Darlie Routier.

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