BIRTH: September 9, 1992

DEATH: September 30, 2008

Shannon Braithwaite ~ Age 16

Shannon, 16, was brutally stabbed 49 times by her cousin over designer sneakers and electronics. Shannon’s cousin thought Shannon had it all, and in reality she did, but it shouldn’t have cost this beautiful girl her life. 

So in a jealous rage, her cousin killed her by stabbing 16-year-old Shannon 49 times. After she stabbed her cousin she ripped the shoes off her feet, took an MP3 player, a cell phone, and other gizmos, and left Shannon laying in a pool of blood on the floor.

Shannon’s mother, Marva, had just allowed the 15 year old cousin to move in with them only two days before the murder because the girl had run away from home twice already. The mother knew the girl had issues but she never thought she would kill her beautiful daughter.

Shannon, an A student who worked with kids at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and volunteered at her church, urged the younger girl to stop getting into fights and ditching school. Shannon never thought, in trying to help her cousin, that she would eventually kill her.

Shannon’s mother, Marva, discovered her daughter dead as she tried to enter the apartment, when she tried to open the door, the path was blocked by her daughter’s body on the floor. When she finally pushed the door hard enough to open it, she saw her daughter lying there in blood.  Shannon’s grandmother said, “Marva called me and said, ‘Shannon’s dead, Shannon’s dead.”


Girl, 16, Is Fatally Stabbed at Her Home in Brooklyn

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Shannon Braithwaite, 15, was brutally stabbed to death by cousin over designer sneakers

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Abused teen who slayed cousin in jealous fit over shoes after family took her in gets max sentence

A Grieving Mother, Her Faith Tested, Finds Purpose

The Shannon T. Braithwaite Foundation


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