BIRTH: October 15, 1970

DEATH: July 22, 1977

Jennifer Santoro ~ Age 6

On July 22, 1977, Lorne J. Acquin killed his foster brother’s 29-year-old wife Cheryl Beaudoin, her seven children and her niece. Cheryl and the children, aged 4 through 12, were all beaten to death with a tire iron. Acquin then set the house on fire, resulting in a blaze which prompted the arrival of police and the subsequent discovery of nine charred bodies. Acquin was tried in 1979 and given multiple life sentences.


Most Notorious Murders in Connecticut



One thought on “JENNIFER SANTORO

  1. It has been 40 years since I last saw your sweet tiny face. We sed to have reess together in Mount Carmel. And for some reason I have thought of you over the many years and today you weigh heavy in my thoughts. I miss your little smile. RIP Jennifer. RIP

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