BIRTH: March 17, 2009

DEATH: April 30, 2010

Onlabee Perry Blaine ~ Age 1

Onlabee, 1, was beaten to death at the hands of his mother. She was changing his diaper and became frustrated and angry because he tried to roll over. She said shoved down into Onlabee’s abdomen and she knew at that time the child was hurt. She stated she did not attempt to get any type of medical attention for Onlabee until she found him unresponsive two hours later.

She also admitted she “accidentally” hit Onlabee in the face with her hand, at one time. The mother also said there have been other times when she has forcefully pushed down on the abdomen of the child while changing his diaper and she could have caused injury on those times, too. Police said during the autopsy, workers at the State Medical Examiner’s Office found healing rib fractures on Onlabee little body.


Mother arrested for infant son’s death

Police: Mom Admits Killing Baby

Oklahoma City police arrest mother for infant son’s death


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