BIRTH: May 30, 1993

DEATH: June 8, 2007

India Amani Marissa Boston Carter ~ Age 14

India, 14, was shot in the face and killed while eating at a restaurant with her family. 

Originally this case was ruled accidental.

A restaurant employee claimed he was attempting to move a loaded gun from a counter when the weapon went off and struck India in the face.

The family never felt it was an accident and even questioned the investigation. The shooter had run-ins with the family before and was arrested, two months before, for threatening one of India’s brother with a box cutter.

After a continued investigation…

Police sent the gun to be tested for defects and to see if the gun would or could just go off without much pressure on the trigger as the shooter claimed. When the reports came back, it was proven that nothing was wrong with the gun and it wouldn’t just fire accidentally as had been claimed. Police arrested the shooter for the murder of India and making false statements to police.

Kevin Williams was charged with murder and that was later changed to involuntary manslaughter by a judge. He was found guilty and sentenced to 10 year in prison. 10 years was the maximum amount he could receive, by law, for the charge of involuntary manslaughter.

He was also sentenced to one year in prison after being convicted on a charge of making false statements to police.


Grief over girl’s shooting

India Boston Carter’s Family Wanted Murder Conviction

India Boston Carter Murder Trial is Underway

Williams Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter

Kevin Williams Sentenced on Involuntary Manslaughter Charge




  1. India was my little sister, and I truly miss her. However, it bothers me and my family even now to know that JUSTICE has still not been served. Such a corrupt system that Chatham (Cheat’em) County has. I would personally like all parties involved to be charged accordingly.

    Kevin Williams got away with murdering my little sister INDIA. This Good ole boy system has failed us once again. Especially India. Who pays for this injustice? We do, society does, I know because India was one of their causalities.

    My family was cheated once again because the young man who murdered her has been a menace to society in Chatham County for many years before he murdered my sister. Its so painful to know that he killed her while on probation for attacking my brother just months before. The system allowed Kevin to kill. All of the warning signs of destruction was there, very transparent and they chose to ignore them.

    He was still able to shoot a fully loaded .9mm highpoint gun in city limits, in a business, around other minors, while on probation for a carrying concealed weapon (while trying to attack India and my brother).

    His uncle who is a Savannah police officer and his good ’ole boy friend tried their best to cover this innocent child murder to protect their own. Well who protects us? How do we (my family) truly get JUSTICE?

    The Chief of police was in on the cover up as well. Well, Chief Berkov is no longer in Savannah. He lied in his press conference less than 12hours after India was killed. Saying on the 11:00 News that he and his staff (Kevin Williams’ uncle) was confident this shooting was an accident.

    The lead Homicide detective Cory Cotton was demoted after discovering the cover up and inconsistencies in the investigation. But he was sent on vacation during the investigation, to keep quite until this all blew over.

    Well, my family called and called until he got back in town. We stayed on them for answers. They did another investigation to reassure us that this was indeed an accident. But the story they sold we did not buy. Still need Justice!

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